Photo by Calvin Thomas

My Mom likes to tell me stories about how when I was a toddler I used to run away from her in Costco, get up on a flat pack box and start singing Part of Your World until a small crowd would gather.

Even then, I loved the way that performing allowed me to connect with my emotions and express myself. My neurodivergency has meant that my feelings have always been bright and vivid and intense, and living in heightened emotional worlds gives me an outlet to share the way I feel through stories, and let people in to a little sliver of what goes on inside my brain.

I’m particularly interested in exploring stories that challenge us to dream big, that question the way we interact with one another, and that aren’t afraid to be big, messy balls of thoughts and ideas and feelings – because that’s what I think of myself to be.

Musical Theatre Vocal Reel
Commercial Vocal Reel
Monologue Reel
Filmed Theatre Reel
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